Calibrating the most demanding professional displays
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Why pay for overpriced medical displays?
PerfectLum Suite calibrates almost any display to the highest medical standards.


With PerfectLum 3.x medical display calibration software you can calibrate any premium LCD display to the highest medical standards. PerfectLum Suite medical monitor quality control tool not only does the calibration, but also performs quality assurance tests to ensure your display conforms to the most demanding standards of the industry.

The resulting image quality matches and can even surpass that of the most overpriced displays on the market.


PerfectLum Suite medical monitor calibration and QA application is compatible with any graphics card, including 13 bit Matrox and 10 bit RealVision medical graphic boards.


If you already have a measuring device, you probably won’t need another. PerfectLum Suite medical monitor qualtity control tool works with nearly every model ever made.


On VESA DDC/CI-compliant displays, PerfectLum Suite automatically adjusts contrast and brightness over the DDC/CI channel so you don’t have to go into the display’s OSD menu.

The display is automatically adjusted to a desired white level and optimum color temperature to ensure fast and easy calibration process as well as high quality results.


Color calibration is performed not only on white but all gray levels. For example, white will be at 6500 Kelvin, but so will gray 120/120/120 and 64/64/64. This ensures that the observer sees the gray levels correctly, as the aspect of an image is infuenced by colors in the grays, not just luminance.

Medical monitor calibration and QA application PerfectLum

In the process of calibration an ICC profile is generated to save characteristics of colors for the given device.


PerfectLum medical monitor calibration application calibrates to international standards including NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157 Norm-Entwurf, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1. PerfectLum Suite medical display QA software not only calibrates a display, but also performs acceptance and constancy tests to verify that the display conforms with these standards.


Rather than saving on your computer’s graphics card, LUT (Look Up Table) calibration is saved inside any supported display.


For example, if your display is 30% off in luminance from the center, PerfectLum can correct that down to 3%. A display with a nonuniformity of more than 15% can no longer be used in Germany, as it would not meet the German DIN 6868-57 standard. Calibrate with PerfectLum and simply continue using the display.



With PerfectLum Remote display management system, a system administrator can perform calibration, verification and quality assurance tests for all displays in multiple hospitals and radiology practices from a single location. The system administrator can schedule further quality assurance tasks for client machines, and a notifier on the client machine will remind the user to perform the task when it is due. An automatic alert system notifies the administrator via e-mail whenever a calibration or a QA test on one of the client machines is failed.


PerfectLum Suite provides proof of maintenance for all your diagnostic displays. After calibrating or using the history feature to visualize previous calibrations and verifications, simply export the report as a pdf, print and file. Automatic backup is performed for history database to ensure not a letter is lost.


PerfectLum Client application

  • Calibration to a certain white level
  • Calibration to DICOM GSDF
  • Calibration to Gamma and CIE L standard
  • Calibration to certain color temperatures and xy coordinates
  • Calibration of display uniformity with Matrox Xenia board
  • Calibration of up to 6 displays connected to the same workstation
  • Verification of DICOM GSDF conformance
  • Verification of display colors and luminance
  • Verification of display uniformity
  • Visual display verification with test patterns like Briggs, SMPTE, AAPM
  • Detailed History database with graphs for each calibration and white level consistency over time

PerfectLum Suite

  • Performance of acceptance and constancy tests for DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157 Norm-Entwurf, AAPM TG18, JESRA X-0093, IEC 62563-1

Remote display management system

  • Remote start or scheduling of calibrations and verifications
  • Verification of display status
  • Automatic alerts are sent to the managers

  • Compatible with nearly any display
  • Multiplatform
  • Compatible with nearly any graphic board
  • Compatible with Matrox graphic boards
  • Compatible with Realvision graphic boards
  • Up to 13 bit calibration
  • Automatic Display Adjustment
  • Remote display management with internet server or local server
  • Remote display management to control and verify displays from a distance
  • Easy double click installation of remote display management server
  • Color display, gray scale display and projector calibration

  • Operating System
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 32 and 64 Bit
    • Macintosh OS X from 10.4
  • Measurement device
    • Colorimeter
      • X-Rite / Gretag Macbeth Eye-One display
      • X-Rite / Gretag Macbeth Eye-One display 2
      • X-Rite Monaco OPTIX XR
      • X-Rite DTP 94
      • X-Rite i1 Display Pro
      • Sequel Gamma 3
      • Sequel Chroma 4
      • Sequel Chroma 5
      • Datacolor Spyder3
      • Datacolor Spyder4
      • Konica Minolta CS200
      • Konica Minolta CA210
    • Spectralphotometer
      • Gretag Macbeth Eye-One Pro
      • Gretag Macbeth Eye-One Monitor
      • Photo Research PR-670 SpectraScan
      • JETI specbos 1001
      • JETI specbos 2001
      • JETI specbos 2101
      • JETI specbos 4001
    • Spot Luminancemeter
      • IBA densitometry / Wellhoefer LX Plus
      • IBA densitometry / Wellhoefer LX Can
      • Pehamed CD-Mon
      • Pehamed CD-Lux
      • Pehamed CD-Lux Plus
    • Display Front sensor
      • LumiMED MM03A
      • LumiMED MM05A
      • Olorin VC19012
      • Olorin MC20012
      • Olorin VC21012
  • Displays with internal LUT
    • NEC MultiSync LCD 1980
    • NEC MultiSync LCD 2180
    • IIYAMA PLH2130-2
    • IIYAMA PLH2130-3
    • LumiMED MM02
    • LumiMED MM03
    • LumiMED MM05
    • LumiMED MM03A
    • LumiMED MM05A
    • Olorin VL211D
    • Olorin VL200D
    • Olorin VC19012
    • Olorin MC20012
    • Olorin VC21012
    • Olorin MC210D
    • Olorin VC210D
    • Rein VIEWMEDIC EV-C119
    • Rein VIEWMEDIC RV-C219
    • Rein VIEWMEDIC RV-C221
    • DELL U3011
    • DELL U3014
    • DELL U2413
    • DELL UP2414Q
    • DELL U2713H
    • DELL U2414
    • DELL UP3214Q
    • Sony LMD DM20
    • Sony LMD DM30
    • Sony LMD DM50
    • Sony LMD DM20C
    • Sony LMD DM30C
    • Sony LMD DM50C
    • Totoku CCL254i2
    • Totoku CCL256i2
    • Totoku CCL258i2
    • Totoku CCL352i2
    • Totoku CCL354i2
    • Totoku CCL356i2
    • Totoku CCL358i2
  • Projectors which support internal LUT
    • Canon SX6
    • Canon SX60
    • Canon X600
PerfectLum and PerfectLum Suite are compatible with any color and gray scale display of minimum 17" and a minimum resolution of 1208 x 1024 pixels.

For Automatic Display Adjustment the DDC/CI communication channel is used. A DDC/CI compatible display is needed for this feature.
PerfectLum Suite is compatible with any graphics card that holds an LUT (Look Up Table). This is the case of nearly all graphic boards produced today.

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For more info about PerfectLum Suite, access to support, manual and downloads go to PerfectLum Suite product website
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