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Rein Bundles PerfectLum Medical Monitor Calibration Software with ViewMedic Displays

Nice, France / Willich, Germany June 30, 2008— Medisol Rein EDV GmbH, a supplier of medical imaging displays, today announced that it will bundle the medical monitor calibration application PerfectLum from QUBYX Software Technologies with ViewMedic displays.

PerfectLum DICOM calibration tool calibrates displays to conform to medical standards like DICOM, AAPM, and DIN.

Rein EDV GmbH is manufacturing and distributing high-end displays for the medical use. This bundle combines the pristine image quality of the ViewMedic displays and high quality of the PerfectLum medical monitor calibration software to produce a high-functionality bundle aimed at radiologists' needs.

The PerfectLum DICOM calibration software includes also a Scheduler, Remote Control and up to 36 Bit Look Up Tables (3 times 12 Bit).

To guarantee highly accurate image output and conform to severe requirements in medical field a precise calibration is needed to make even the tiniest differences in luminance and color output visible.

Maintaining peak output quality for medical imaging displays, in accordance with DICOM calibration standard, is crucial for medical professionals.
"The high-quality display devices from Rein EDV GmbH, combined with medical display calibration software from QUBYX, provide critical tools to the medical imaging industry," says Marc Leppla, director of QUBYX.

"Rein EDV GmbH has been working with QUBYX on developing solutions for medical display calibration," says Stephan Rein , Managing Partner of Rein EDV GmbH "We value our relationship with QUBYX, and are happy that they have engineered functionalities with our displays. QUBYX medical monitor calibration application works with nearly any graphic card and our displays, and allows us to reach our goal to make highest quality solutions available."

About Medisol Rein EDV GmbH

MeDiSol offers imaging solutions developed for the different applications in medical environments. Diagnostic and viewing solutions as well as calibration solutions for quality control and embedded PC solutions for the use in operation rooms and intensive care units belong to the product range. For more information, visit MeDiSol medical display solutions.